Allergy Relief in the Most Unexpected Way! By Elisha Weinberg

July 07, 2024

Allergy Relief in the Most Unexpected Way! By Elisha Weinberg

Allergy Relief in the most Unexpected way!


We haven’t met, most likely.  I’m Elisha and own Kitsap Family Acupuncture and Glow-Vibe in Poulsbo and soon to also be Silverdale.  Recently, Heather asked me to introduce myself and my work and  I jumped at the chance to speak specifically about a very special Allergy Treatment I offer.


What if I told you one tiny itty bitty little needle in your ear that stays for three weeks will permanently abolish your allergies?


What if I told you this needle is painless, invisible to others, and so effective you are no longer a slave to the seasons or whatever else ails you?


What if I told you I’m on the ONLY person within hundreds of miles certified in this allergy removal wizardry?


How does this work? The Amazing Dr. Soliman in Rockville, Maryland began the journey years ago when he stated pushing the boundaries of Auricular Medicine based off deeply working with the Nogier Ear System from France.


He found all the organs have projections into the ear AND he found that ALL allergic reactions are the responsibility of the Liver Organ.  The projection in the right ear makes all the difference primarily because the Liver lives on the right side of our body. What Dr. Solliman discovered after thousands of patients is that where that Liver energy is in the ear depends on many factors and zones.  And it is this finding that led him to created SAAT.


SAAT does what nothing in my experience has been able to do.  But let me jump back in time a bit.  My good friend and acupuncturist in Alabama called me one day over-the-moon excited about this new treatment he learned that has been “curing” allergies.  I listened to his excitement and immediately set out to learn how to do this myself.  


I have been using this method for four years and actually have patients drive down from Canada regularly at am definitely part of the increased boat traffic from Seattle as well.  As a Healer it is a rare KNOWING that you can change someone’s life with one needle and three weeks…which makes me so excited about this medicine. 


I have actually just begun year long study with Dr. Solliman to be certified in his Auricular Medicine program which I will happily roll out to you next year when I’m complete…because this is the treatment that will actually make me stop doing acupuncture after 23 years!


You may notice when you venture to my site that my title is a little different than you may be expecting…I am spending my final chapter as a healer fully embodying the art of all of who I am and no longer limit myself to the acupuncture that has been my lifeblood for so long.  There are MANY other offerings I have which I will happily write more on when Heather gets good feedback about this one.


If you mention this offer through this newsletter I would like to offer you a discount of $50 off your  first allergy if you book by the end of August and take advantage of ridding yourself of allergies!


Below you will find some of the most common offenders.












You name the food

Your name the allergen




But how about this one.  Have you been told you have Mast Cell Activation Complex?


Um.  Do you want that?


Let’s get rid of it!


Histamine your problem?  Thing of the past!


And how about this…Do you know there are 6 different ways that you can be allergic to MOSQUITOS!  (Read, it’s not normal to have huge welts and lasting itching from mosquitos!)


Red wine or any alcohol not acting the way it used to?  Want your Cabernet back without the headaches?  I’m your ticket to make that happen.


And last but not least, in fact possibly the most important for some of you…did you know you can be allergic to your own ESTROGEN?????  What would that look like?  PMS? PCOD? Yucky periods?  Lets test and find out if it’s a simple needle left in for three weeks that changes EVERYTHING!


So I can gush about this treatment for ages because it’s so effective and so little known because it was created on the East Coast and even Medical Doctors over there use this because it is the only treatment for Alpha-Gal!  (And yes, I can and have CURED that.)




I am in Poulsbo and as of July 10 in a fabulous new location in Silverdale near to Sprouts.

And I’m ready to serve.

SAAT treatments are available by calling 360-900-3574 or Click here to schedule or email


You may not see availability in July because I will be building out my new space, but if you call 360-900-3574 I will be seeing SAAT clients still.


I look forward to be the catalyst for changing your life in all the right ways.