Homeopathic Hay Fever Primer by Sue Boyle R.N. (ret), HMC, CCH (cand)

March 26, 2017

Pollen is coming, pollen is coming. Lots of it here in the Puget Sound area. Along with the pollen comes sneezing,coughing, watery eyes,post nasal drip and fatigue. Homeopathy to the rescue. You could use the boxes of combination remedies or you could get much better results using single remedies that are tailored to your symptoms. Allium cepa can help 30% of you for one season but may require further work with a homeopath to completely erase your symptoms. The symptoms seen in Allium cepa are profuse tearing to of the eyes, a runny nose that reddens the upper lip or nose (your nose will run like a faucet), severe pain in the throat during coughing and when closing the eyes the headache gets worse.This remedy is best just given one dose for the season, no more. Arundo This hay fever begins with burning and itching of the roof of the mouth and the eyes,and an annoying itching in the nostrils. Arsenicum has burning in the eyes with tearing that excoriates the cheek, a thin, watery, excoriating nasal discharge but the nose feels stopped up. There is sneezing without relief which is worse in the open air and better indoors. Euphrasia has a runny nose that doesn’t redden the upper lip but profuse continuous tearing of the eyes that does cause redness. The eyes burn, are irritated, are sensitive to light and continuously blink. If there is a cough it is seen only during the day. Sabadilla is known for it’s spasmodic sneezing with a runny nose, redness of the eyes with tearing. Dosing is dependent of the severity of the symptoms. One dose (one globule only) when the symptoms first emerge, then wait and see if any more doses are needed. Less is More is a good rule in homeopathy, your body has the ability to heal itself, just give it time. A dose a day for three days for those who are truly miserable then stop or one dose a week for the less miserable. Watch for a return of symptoms before dosing again.