Three Ways to Keep Your Brain Mentally Sharp by Dr. Angela Potter

September 16, 2016

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3 Ways To Keep Your Brain Mentally Sharp

Dr. Angela Potter

Keeping our brains healthy and alert is important in many aspects of life. Whether you are a student heading back to school this fall, you have a mentally challenging job or you want to avoid future memory loss, these tips are for you! Here are three things you can do to boost your memory and keep your brain mentally sharp:
  1. Balance blood sugar
Alzheimer’s disease is also called Diabetes type III meaning it is caused by blood sugar imbalances. Blood sugar imbalances don’t happen over night, they are a result of long-term imbalances in the body. Keep blood sugar stable by choosing whole grains, reducing sugar intake and eating protein consistently throughout the day.
  1. Probiotics
Our gut health is very closely connected with brain health. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help improve digestion. When our digestive tracts are happy, our brains are happy!
  1. Ginkgo
Ginkgo is an herb that has been used for thousands of years and it’s best known as a longevity herb. It helps improve circulation, especially to the brain and improves mental clarity. Read the latest health tips on my blog Connect with me on Facebook Now scheduling appointments (206) 588-5038