Your Daily Magic Potion for a Taste of the Forest 

May 20, 2018

Your Daily Magic Potion for a Taste of the Forest 

By Shane Tyler Milson

Seasonally we enter deep into the most pristine boreal forests of Canada in such for "black gold", the most vibrant, wild & rare chaga mushrooms. In search of the 1 in 1000 birch trees that arbors this sacred medicinal mushroom, once we discover it we do the right thing: we bless the tree & sustainanly harvest a small portion, allowing for the Chaga mushroom to continue its life cycle protecting its host-tree.

The chaga mushrooms are sun-dried nice & slow collecting the vitamin D2 & ultra-violet light from the sunlight into the sclerotia (tough exterior of the mushroom).

Respect, integrity & love are our religion when mushroom foraging & has been that way since I began mushroom hunting with my Italian Grandfather as a teenager on the farm.

Brewing of the elixir combines the chaga mushrooms with synergistic wild-foraged barks, berries & herbs to create a nostalgic flavored & highly concentrated ancient rootbeer elixir that will make you feel as though you just took an enlivening deep hike into the enchanted realm of the wilderness.

Your New Favorite Ritual: Take 1 oz Daily of Magic

Be alchemical and add 1 oz doses to your favorites:

  • Hot Coffee (Alkalizing + Flavor Bomb) or Cold Brew
  • Chai or Matcha Lattes (cold or hot)
  • Herbal Tonics (Nut Mylk based)
  • Smoothies, Acai Bowls & Breakfast Kefirs/Yogurt
  • Vanilla Ice-cream, Sprinkle Donuts & Banana Splits
  • Bubbly Water (Sparkling) to Create OG Full-fledged Root Beer Experience (Make it Float with A Scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream).
  • Gin + Tonic, Champagne or Moscal Mules
  • Baking (Pancakes, Waffles, Cookies & Cakes)

Take the 30-Day Chaga Challenge

During the first 30 days of taking the elixir you can expect to see some magical results occur. We've spoken to countless avid & enthusiastic fans taking the wild chaga mushroom rootbeer elixir daily to find out what happens. Here are the 3 common denominators of what their experiences are:

Pineal Gland Activation: Mental Clarity + Focus + Intuition (Awareness)

Your third eye has been closed for far too long - but not for long. Wild chaga mushrooms decalcifies the pineal gland with its rich array of the antioxident nutrient "melanin" available in the black portion of the wild mushroom.

When the pineal gland is fully nourished & activated you will notice mental clarity, awareness & intuitive abilities far beyond what you've ever experienced before.

Yoga + meditation are incredibly vivid, tapped in, tuned in and turned on when taking a dose before-hand.

Skin Sexification: Eye + Hair Color + Skin Glow

For real. Within weeks you will notice an etherical glow, vibrancy & enlivening of your skin like you've always sought after. We've got a mini-mushroom documentary circulating online with our friend Sky demonstrating her journey of taking the Chaga Rootbeer Elixir for 30-days and what happened.

Potential reasons why taking the elixir activates such extraordinary results with skin, hair and eyes is due to the fact that chaga is one of the world's richest sources of Zinc, Antioxidents, Superoxide Dismutase, Selenium, Magnesium, Betulinic Acid, Polysaccharides, Beta Glucans & Triterpenes which affect various aspects of your body such as organs (liver, kidneys, stomach), blood sugar & the epidermis layer of skin.

The Real "Limitless Pill": Flow State + Energy Surge

Whether you're a creative, artist, poet, designer, entrepreneur (hustle sessions) or needing that boost of sustainable energy for hiking, working out or any athleticism, this elixir was crafted in mind for you - because that's the boat we're in too! We needed an elixir with substance, magic & power, and there's just something special about wild-foraged mushrooms & herbs. The forest-scape that the ingredients we use grow in, provides wondrous elements, antioxidants & minerals that are just not present in our current modern-day diets. You'll find yourself enraptured with taking a dose of the elixir before any moment you need your mind to be in full-action, focus, or a creative space.


Artesian Spring Water, Sustainably Wild Harvested Canadian Chaga Mushrooms (dual-extracted), Wild Sarsaparilla Root, Wild Cherry Tree Bark, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Dandelion Root, Wild Juniper Berries, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Blackstrap Molasses, Organic Vanilla Beans, Wild Wintergreen, Organic Fairtrade Ceylon Cinnamon, Wild Sassafras, Bio-dynamic Organic Raw Cane Sugar*, Monk Fruit (Luo han guo), Magic * Less than 1 gram of nutrient/mineral dense bio-dynamically farmed raw cane sugar per serving!


Brewed with empowering intentions, utilizing alchemical processes such as sacred geometry, moon cycles & harmonic Hz/charkra balancing sound wave frequencies in Venice, California.

Shane Tyler Milson

The Mushroom Hunter
Founder of Black Magic