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Body Love Kit

Express your trust in, and love for, your body with the help of these pampering tools. This body-loving collection includes: a Vetiver smudge stick (a solid alternative to the at-risk White Sage and Palo Santo) to aromatize and ground your space; a Rose Quartz wing, sending your heart flying free; Child of Wild’s Rose Is A Rose Face Glow Mask soothes and gently tones and nourishes your already beautiful face; Seattle’s Shephard Moon Concoctions artfully blends three different renowned salt varieties with essences of Ginger and Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange and Lavender, so you can steep in gratitude and Love; while in that bath, you can sudz yourself with Camamu’s Unrepentant Rose Soap bar-a handcrafted soap from Portland OR; Amulette Studio’s magical Radiant Heart aromatherapy spray will infuse your room with a path toward reopening “your vast, true Heart”; unlike the previous spray, the Simplers Botanicals Rose Geranium Hydrosol is a hydrosol, or the water component of the distillation process (the other component being Essential Oils), meant for gently tonifying and romancing your face and skin; now! when your face is still slightly damp from the hydrosol, you move to Wild Carrot’s Rosehip & Raspberry Serum-just a couple pumps and then smooth your way to antioxidant, vitamin C-rich facial nutrition; Fat and the Moon’s All Cream is exactly what it says, a cream for ALL areas, and ALL people, so enjoy this last step in the self-care process, where you take your time to lovingly moisturize your dermis. We promise you will feel aglow from the well-deserved TLC! 

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