Natural Toiletries Kit

Naturalize your morning and evening routines with environmentally-friendly products that don’t skimp on quality. Himalaya Botanique is an ayurvedic-based company that creates products with old and new wisdom, and their Complete Care Toothpaste is a WillowTree go-to. Couple that with a soft-bristled bamboo toothbrush by Plus Ultra and you will be on your way to a polished, pearly smile. Dr Tung’s Activated Charcoal Floss brings the adsorbing qualities of activated charcoal directly in-between your teeth, so bacteria can’t help but bind to the powerful charge of charcoal while you physically sweep them away (and yes, flossing is still important even if you have a waterpik!). Booda Butter’s Suds of Love is an exceptionally moisturizing soap from a company that crafts products enjoyed by all genders! Similarly, Fat and the Moon’s Sensitive Pit Cream is a creamy solution to sensitive underarm skin, providing deodorization in an especially hypoallergenic way, and again, suitable for all underarms. 

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