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Out from Under the Weather Kit

Just because the weather sets in doesn’t mean you can’t part the clouds with the right helpers. Wedderspoon’s Orangic Manuka Honey Drops with Eucalyptus employs ancient New Zealand/Australian wellness methods to soothe and open up your respiratory system. Let thousands of years of Chinese herbal wisdom come to the rescue with Ridgecrest Herbal’s ClearLungs Immune- a balanced 13-herb formula that supports your natural defenses. Even older are mushrooms and their ability to manufacture complex immune-supportive molecules to help maintain health or get you back to health more quickly-try Host Defense Mushrooms’ MycoShield Immune Support Winter Mist Spray. Eidon Ionic Minerals’ Zinc Liquid Concentrate will supply extra zinc as your body uses more when your immune system is on full duty. WishGarden Herbs’ Kick-Ass Biotic is a broad-spectrum formula supporting many different organs, processes and provides herbal support for ushering out invaders. Eclectic Institute’s Boneset, single-herb extract, allows you to add more (it is also in WishGarden Herbs’ Kick-Ass Biotic formula) support when you need to open your pores and release some heat, burn those storm clouds away and get out from under the weather.

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