Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

September 16, 2016


Health Tips For Your Family

By Christa Hinchcliffe, ND

Is your child getting enough sleep?

Sleep is important for so many reasons: the body is reenergized, growth hormone peaks, the immune system is improved, mental health is protected, the brain is better able to facilitate critical thinking skills during the day and files information away while we sleep, emotions are better regulated and relationships with others are strengthened. Also, getting enough quality sleep can even help avoid attention, behavior and learning challenges, accidents and injuries, increased blood pressure, obesity, increased blood sugar, and mood disorders such as depression.

Remember the following guidelines for your children:

  • 4-12 Months Old: 12-16 hours daily, including naps
  • 1-2 Years Old: 11-14 hours daily, including naps
  • 3-5 Years Old: 10-13 hours daily, including naps
  • 6-12 Years Old: 9-12 hours daily
  • 13-18 Years Old: 8-10 hours daily

Of course, too much sleep can also be a sign of a problem and associated with adverse health outcomes as well. Snoring can even be a sign of ill health. If you notice loud and regular nightly snoring, or if your child is sleeping too much, talk to your child’s healthcare provider. The snoring could be just a stuffy nose, allergy, or respiratory infection, or it could even be sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can lead to headaches during the day, agitation, daytime sleepiness, or even behavioral problems.

And finally…adults need sleep too! You should be getting between 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly.

A really easy way to help sleep happen more easily is to spray organic essential lavender oil into the room, or dab a little bit on the pillow, before bed.

Sweet dreams!


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