Childhood remedies for Caregivers. Flu remedies for All By Beth Goodwin PDHom

September 15, 2016

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”Getting to know homeopathy, the second most popular healing methodology on the planet.” : An interview on homeopathy with Beth Goodwin, PDHom*, principal homeopath at Goodwin Homeopathics
Session #3: Childhood remedies for Caregivers. Flu remedies for All. (Attendees: Heather Jaynes (owner), Kelsey Middleton and Eevi Wahaus (employees).) Beth: Treating children is one of my great joys. Here are some great remedies for caregivers to have on hand. Aconite: A high fever remedy. An Aconite fever is often brought on by very cold temperatures, so the East Coast might see more of it. Key themes are “intense” and “sudden”. There is often a lot of fear or pain in an Aconite situation. For example, a child that suddenly develops a high fever with an earache that is extremely painful. The child would be screaming in pain. Belladonna: Another fever remedy. If there is an earache, it is on the right side. High fever that comes on around 3 or 4 pm with a red throbbing face. Lots of heat coming off the body, dilated pupils and often, the child will go into hallucinations. Eevie: Oh! I remember doing that as a child. Would the lower potencies (6x) be better for children? Beth: No, not necessarily because their vitality is quite high and vibrant, so they can handle higher potencies. If one of your customers has chosen an acute remedy to use and they have questions about how to administer it, they can always call me. There is no charge for that. Chamomilla: So many people know that Chamomilla will relieve their child’s teething pain. So, that is the picture you are looking for...extreme nerve pain with anger from the pain. The child would most likely be throwing a fit! Ferrum phos: The cell salt version of this remedy in 6x or 12x would be lovely for any mother to have on hand. For gentle fevers and inflammations…..when something is brewing but you are not sure what….general malaise. Spongia tosta: The remedy best known for croupy coughs. The child sounds like a “barking seal”. The cough is extremely dry and harsh. The child may even look like they are choking on something. A common protocol for croup in allopathic medicine at this time is administering a steroid pill. So, those wishing to support their family’s health naturally will want to have Spongia tosta on hand. Beth: Remember that with homeopathy the person is allowed to develop natural immunity. The remedy stimulates the immune system to act efficiently. They go through the acute faster with less side effects from the acute. For example, avoiding the depletion that comes after a flu. Eevie and Kelsey: Oh, yes, that is so true! You can be so depleted after a flu. Great! Beth: You have several flu remedies here. Arsenicum Album: Classic stomach flu with vomiting and diarrhea. Also for food poisoning. Gelsemium: Flu that comes on slowly with a headache and lots of body aches. The person becomes extremely sluggish and their eyelids droop...they seem to become heavier and heavier. Kelsey: Oh! It says ‘stagefright’ on the bottle! Beth: Yes, though there are many remedies to be considered for what we would call ‘anticipatory anxiety’ Eupatorium: “Bone break” flu. This flu usually comes on in tropical climates. We don’t see it here very much. The pain in the bones feels like they are breaking. Very painful flu. Beth: I would like all of you to have access to a great resource online called It is a site designed by Jacob Mirman, MD and Sally Tamplin, Classical Homeopath. This site will enable you to research other flu remedies to have on hand for you and your family. Eevie: Are there any other immune support supplements you would recommend? Beth: Well, ultimately my scope of practice is homeopathy. When the right remedy is chosen, it’s all you need. I would always recommend constitutional treatment first and foremost. When someone is treated constitutionally by a Classical homeopath, they are going to experience an overall improvement in their health, attitude and wellbeing. My nutrition friends would suggest Vitamin C, drinking apple cider vinegar in water to rebalance the pH and organic food. To that I would add exercise in the open air and meditation. Eevie: When you meet with a client, you go really in depth, their physical, mental, emotional self….yeah, we all have so much going on that it is useful to understand one’s self and meet with a homeopath. Beth: Yes. In general-
  1. First aid and true acute ailments may be a good time to select a remedy for yourself. Get Well Soon, Norland is a small book Willowtree has on hand to guide you in simple situations. Keep in mind that acute ailments may be linked to the constitution of the person and may require a professional homeopath’s assistance.
  2. Each event for each person is unique and special and needs a unique and special remedy. Yes the generic approach can help relieve discomfort, but each health event comes from roots that originate deep within us.. If you aren’t finding relief and improvement then get a recommendation on who to call to go deeper into the healing process.
  3. Classical Homeopathy is available to our Bainbridge Community: Please know that I am available to help people. I have had over five full years of excellent classical instruction and clinical supervision in homeopathy.
  4. If flu remedies are important to you, check out designed by Jacob Mirman, MD and Sally Tamplin, Classical Homeopath.