Making Space: A Seasonal Ritual

September 24, 2019

Making Space: A Seasonal Ritual

by Jenn Gallucci

How do you want to feel this fall?
What do you want to shift?
What do you want to invite into your life?
What are you ready to let go?

If you’re having trouble answering these questions you may find the following ritual to be just what you need to anchor into the season of fall.

When my mind is foggy and scattered I often notice my space feels the same way. If I let things pile up around me, I begin to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Where do I begin??

My mom used to tell me what her mother told her, when you don’t know what to do, mop your kitchen floor. This is the kind of wise woman, keeper of the hearth advice that always works. And, it’s where this ritual originates from.

Anything can be a ritual. It’s the meaning or intention you infuse the action with that turns it into a ritual. Adding something that activates the senses helps too. Color, texture, scent, and sounds. Plants, incense, crystals, essential oils, music, mantra, chimes and singing bowls.

When we “make space” externally, we find that more space is created internally. When we make our space more open, more beautiful, more serene, more creative, more colorful, more minimal we find our life and ourSelf begins to feel that way too. Shifting the energy in your home, in your room, or even on a bookshelf can effect your mind, body, and soul.

Step 1: Clear the space: clean off your desk, take everything off the kitchen floor, open the cupboards or closet doors and clear out what you no longer need. (Be mindful of Mother Earth please and always try to reduce, reuse, recycle.)

Step 2: Clean the space: use non-toxic cleaning products to wash the surfaces of your space, clear cobwebs from corners, vacuum, sweep, move the old energy out. If it's not too chilly, open the windows and doors.

Step 3: Activate the space: this is where you can bring elemental energy in. Let this step be as simple or creative as you wish. Here are some suggestions.

The element of air: use sounds such as bells, chimes, drums, singing bowls, mantra, or music.
The element of fire: use sunlight streaming in through windows and doors, burn sage, palo santo wood, or incense of any kind.
The element of water: diffuse essential oils and/or use a non-toxic room spray, infuse herbs and crystals in a bowl of water and sprinkle around the house (outside and in).
The element of earth: place salt in bowls around the house, place crystals and crystal grids to clear or activate the energy.

Step 4: Set your intention: Rearrange any furniture or decor that feels right. Follow your intuition here. Take your time. You can leave a wall or shelf blank until you get a sense for how you want it to feel. Leave space to invite something new in. Light a candle, make a small offering, or set an intention or prayer for how you want to feel in your space.

I hope you give it a go this season before we head into the nesting months ahead. You can find books on rituals, smudge sticks, essential oils, chimes and bowls, herbs, salts, candles and more at Willowtree Market.

Jenn Gallucci uses her extensive training in life coaching and draws on her study of yoga, lunar wisdom, E.F.T., seasonal wisdom and creative cycles, simplicity parenting, chakras, and intuition to listen deeply and help her clients live from their wholeness.

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