The Harmonic Egg® - by Mara Lindenbergh, LMP, CST

February 08, 2023

The Harmonic Egg® - by Mara Lindenbergh, LMP, CST

It’s LOVE month and this newsletter is devoted to matters of the heart.

We’ve all collectively and personally had a very BIG few years. There has been a great deal of change to navigate. Along with loss, confusion and polarization there has also been a rising tide of love, compassion, empathy and gratitude for the simple things life offers that we may have previously taken for granted.

I am going to talk about the heart and the frequency of Love from a vibrational point of view. I will shine some light on how your thoughts and emotions affect your vibration, and specifically how music and sound as well as color light therapy raise your vibration to improve mood and reduce stress to create space for personal transformation. I will also Introduce you to a new advanced technology I am really passionate about called the Harmonic Egg®.
“If you want to understand the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration “
Nicola Tesla

Scientific evidence shows us that everything is vibrating. You are a constellation of vibrations, or frequencies, and those frequencies are as dynamic as a symphony orchestra, changing all the time in response to your thoughts, feelings, movement and the environment. The tempo of this symphony is governed by the central rhythm keeper - your heart. The very first organ to appear in the developing embryo, the heart is where the vibration of love, compassion and gratitude
reside in the body. Let's give a little gratitude to our heart for being so outstanding and doing such a wonderful job day and night.

Emotionally, when we're young, it was easy to access our heart’s delight. Children freely express joy, happiness, love and wonder. Slowly over time and with stress in life, perhaps trauma, it can be harder to reach those feelings. Fear, worry, frustration and judgment can really bring down our good vibes and in real time lower our frequency. When the vibration within us is coherent and united as a whole, we experience satisfaction, love, peace, creativity, and joy. We get ideas
and inspiration. 


Neuroscience is showing that we are hardwired for these good-feeling emotions! If love and feeling good are our natural state, how do we cultivate more of that vibration and get ourselves out of a downward spiral? There is no one perfect solution for all but we do know that anytime we shift the focus of our thoughts and feelings to a better place, a higher vibration, we create pathways in the brain for feeling good more and more of the time despite what the outside world throws at us. More positive thoughts and feelings can be practiced and cultivated
to become our default way of living.

Think of a few ways you shift into feeling better in a given moment. What do you do to lift your spirits, smooth your stress and calm your spirit? For me, I love to be outside in nature, curl up with a good book and a cup of tea, take a hot bath, dive into creative projects and express myself through dance, exercise and movement. Meditation, yoga and many more contemplative practices are also great for shifting perspective and calming the mind, inviting more spaciousness for inspiration. You can think of it like changing the radio dial from the station
tha's stressful to the one that's more peaceful, interesting or fun.

You’ve probably heard of a gratitude journal where you write down things that you appreciate. Our minds are truly a marvel in that the memory of something can produce the same biochemical response as the thing itself. The idea is to build on the good feeling of appreciation and love which will raise your vibration and ease stress as well as build the expectation of more goodness to come. Doing this repeatedly will tangibly change your frequency for the better. The body does not know disease by any name but rather by vibration, and we have way more power
to change our vibration than has been generally understood for generations.

While silence is golden and we all need spaces of quiet, music and sound can change our vibration very fast. Sound is vibration and one of the most effective ways to relax the body, calm the mind, and stir the soul. It’s not just the ears that hear but sound waves travel through our bodies altering the vibration of the atoms, molecules, cells, and organs that make up the physical self.

Did you know nature sounds significantly reduce stress hormones in the body?
Being in nature as well as listening to recorded nature sounds such as crickets, frogs, wind, waves and babbling brooks shift your internal chemistry and uplift your mood. Sound is a powerful ally for personal transformation and physical healing. Toning, mantra, prayer, singing, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls and more ancient instruments have been utilized in healing and transformation for eons.

A personal anecdote on how sound can completely shift our inner feeling and perspective:
One day I woke a little out of sorts. I had a lot to do, and I wanted to be free of all my obligations instead. I needed to shift into a better feeling state. I'm not a Beatles music fanatic but their song Here Comes The Sun popped into my head. I searched for it on Spotify and listened to many different versions of the tune. I began to sing it, marveling at how it had been many years since I’d heard it, yet I still knew the words. It was so uplifting to sing. When I went walking I kept
playing it and sampling different renditions and really enjoying it when the sun really did come out. It changed my whole day.

The use of sound vibration therapeutically takes sound frequency to a whole new level by matching tones and instruments very intentionally and specifically with what ails the body, mind and spirit. Different instruments affect different parts of the body. String instruments, piano, nature sounds and chimes are particularly good for the heart and any heart ailments. Piano music can lower blood pressure and reset your nervous system bringing it out of stress or Post traumatic stress.  Flute can increase vitality and relieve insomnia. String instruments like harp,
cello and guitar loosen and allow stuck emotions to flow. Drumming builds red blood cells, boosts immunity, eases pain, detoxifies the organs and can take us on a soulful journey. Bells can bring emotional balance and singing bowls can harmonize the energy around the body.
“Music is the medicine of the future.“ Edgar Cayce

Light is also a wave of vibration. We need light for our internal biochemical processes and although we don't see it all, the light around us contains the full spectrum of colors. We get that magical glimpse of the colors when a rainbow stretches across the sky. Each color has its own frequency and the use of color light therapy seems to aid the body’s ability to heal itself.

Use of color light therapeutically is growing. More time indoors and fear of sunlight have led to imbalances. We are more like flowers than we realize and need light to thrive. Our eyes see color in the visible spectrum while our bodies absorb light and color all the time all around us. Like therapeutic use of music, light therapy matches color frequency with different parts of the body, mind, spirit to bring more coherence. Flowers, art and clothing all have an affect on us emotionally and physically.

Ever wonder why pink, red and magenta are associated with love and romance?
These colors have an effect on the cardiovascular system and the heart space frequency. Pink helps us recognize, give and receive love. Pink invites more open-hearted connection, acceptance and compassion. Pink is uplifting and comforting. Magenta stimulates the heart and the adrenals. Red activates passion, invigorates appetite, builds red blood cells, builds confidence, stimulates the liver and genitals. Pink is a softer I love you while red sings a big ol’
love song below your window.

Enter the Harmonic Egg®: a fully enclosed resonance chamber (shaped like an egg) that combines light, sound, and geometry in a revolutionary new approach to upgrading and maintaining the human energy system.

Each session inside the Harmonic egg serves to raise your vibration as you bask in high quality sound and color light therapy that surrounds your entire body. The harmonic egg music is specially commissioned and created to raise vibration, clear traumas of the past, and bring more coherence. It doesn’t heal you, YOU DO, but it does create optimal conditions to de-stress, relax and reset from the inside out. A wide variety of soothing music and sounds are carefully chosen to match your specific needs, ailments, and intentions for wellness and personal growth.

The sound and light therapy lasts 40 minutes with 10 minutes of silence at the end to integrate while you recline in a zero gravity chair. We love how good the Harmonic Egg® is at naturally reducing stress, speeding up healing, and building your resiliency so that you feel more peace, joy, hope, inspiration and love in your daily life.

“My experience with the Harmonic Egg® is profoundly peaceful and has further opened me up to an immense sense of Joy and Love. I would highly recommend the egg to anyone for regular self care and for healing. For me, each session has built on the others for a deeper understanding of our true nature and potential.” -Heather Jaynes, owner of WILLOWTREE Market and Hidden Gem

I am truly grateful to have found the Harmonic Egg®; I love witnessing the positive impact it is having on everyone, including me! February will be especially sweet, as Love is in the air and it’s a wonderful time to focus on the heart. So practice gratitude, listen to the sounds of nature, and/or set up a time to immerse yourself in the high vibes of the Harmonic Egg®.

Golden Age Healing arts was founded in 2022 by Mara Lindbergh (LMP, CST) specifically to provide a home for the Harmonic Egg® on Bainbridge to serve those on the peninsula. As a 30-year veteran of the healing arts, Mara has spent the last decade in search of a new platform or technology that can reliably and effectively do the work of a master healer. Upon discovering the Egg for herself in 2020 and recognizing how potent and effective it is, she took the leap of faith
and placed the order. With over 100 Eggs around the world, the network of privately-owned facilities has become a family that holds love, integrity and high levels of service to community at the center of its mission. Golden Age Healing Arts is about empowering people to live life free of limitation to be able to experience more joy, magic and wonder in their life.

Mara Lindbergh,LMP,CST Owner
Golden Age Healing Arts,llc