Welcome: Pilates on Bainbridge

April 01, 2024

Welcome: Pilates on Bainbridge

With a sparkling personality and a longtime passion for fitness and functional nutrition, Stephanie is stoked to be opening her own pilates business in WILLOWTREE’s Wellness Studio called Pilates on Bainbridge.

After living on Bainbridge for seventeen years, Stephanie is elated to set up shop in the heart of Winlsow at our Wellness Studio. When asked why she chose us, she said, “Everything! The vibe, the bright, natural light, it’s warm, comfy, and hip. It’s the best.” Gosh, well we’re flattered, and we’re so excited to welcome her!

To say Steph’s got experience in the wellness industry is an understatement. She’s been teaching Pilates, yoga, and Barre for twenty years and providing nutrition counseling for women for thirteen years. 

A piece of Steph’s shine has and continues to be her nutrition counseling through her business Chia & Chocolate. As a certified functional medicine & certified integrative nutritionist, she focuses on supporting all women with an emphasis on using functional nutrition to help aging women feel vibrant. Interested in learning more? Visit her website www.chiaandchocolate.com.

After focusing more on her nutrition career in recent years, Steph is diving head first back into the role of fitness instructor. 

Qualifications? She’s got a stack. She has 500+ hours of Pilates training under her belt, is a certified yoga teacher with loads of teaching experience, and was trained in Barre instruction and has been teaching it for over twelve years.

Her Pilates style is considered contemporary, but she can teach to all ages and skill levels. You’re new to the game? She’ll teach you the classic fundamentals. Been practicing for years? Stephanie will craft a dynamic, athletic, and challenging workout just for you. She’ll even bring in heavier weights to really help you build lean muscle, boosting your metabolism and helping you level up your physical strength. 

No matter your skill and experience level, Pilates provides robust benefit to your body. Besides making you stronger, reformer work hones your balance, stability, and flexibility. It’s a go-to for rehabilitation and injury recovery (in conjunction with physical therapy of course!). As if that wasn’t enough, a Pilates class will get your heartrate up, helping you achieve cardiovascular gains in her sessions too.

Students of Stephanie love her enthusiasm, humor, and ability to push them to try their hardest during her classes. Time and again, students are impressed with her well-trained eye that can read all bodies, notice misalignments, and guide them into the optimal position with easy to understand cues. “A quarter of an inch makes all the difference,” says Steph when describing how her clients’ faces light up when they feel their bodies align just right during an exercise.  

A little more about Stephanie, the lovely human, in addition to Steph the Pilates Instructor:

Three of her favorite things to do in her spare time are hike, enjoy adventure travel, and get into a good movie. One of her latest faves was Barbie. We’re right there with you on that choice!

Her go-to smoothie lately has been almond or cashew milk base, ½ a cup of berries, a serving of whey protein, a serving of collagen protein, a scoop of dairy free yogurt, smidge of frozen cauliflower, functional mushrooms, and GIANT handfuls of greens. Nutrition background, ya know?

Two things that made her smile this week were catching up over the phone with her son who started college this year, and her goldendoodle Bailey, her adorable energetic fluffball who’s always making her grin from ear to ear!

Currently, you can take a class at Pilates on Bainbridge as an individual (a private sesh) or with a partner (a duet, which helps make the class more affordable for individuals). If you’re wanting to take a class but don’t have a friend who will do it with you, Steph has a waiting list for people just like you. She’ll help pair you up with another student so y’all can duet it up!

Ready to book your first class? Contact steph via email at stephgdalton@gmail.com.

And to learn more about her and her Pilates business, visit www.pilatesonbainbridge.com.

See you in the studio soon.

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