Elevate Your Smoothie Kit

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This kit features four products that will satisfy all diets in your family and will bring your smoothies to the next level of nutrient density. Myriad Mycology’s Chaga powder is a blend of wildcrafted and organically grown Chaga mushroom fruiting bodies (caps) and mycelium (their underground “roots”). Chaga provides the highest number of antioxidants of any fruit, vegetable or mushroom ever tested and also contains compounds that help your body to better withstand stress. SunFood Superfoods Organic Beets+ powder (now called Beets & Mushrooms) is a blend of nutrient-dense beets, antioxidants, immunostimulating, protective, and regenerative mushrooms, adaptogenic and nutritive Maca, and sweetened with Stevia. Sprout Living’s Epic Protein Green Kingdom is a blend of plant-based proteins with green superfoods, and a few roots and fruits, but it’s not over-kill-it’s simple but nutritious-just how we like it. Anima Mundi’s Collagen Booster is a plant-based, collagen-free herbal blend supplying herbs that can help your body boost its own collagen production.  

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