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Medicinal Benefits of Nettle

July 06, 2016

Medicinal Benefits of Nettle

By Dr. Angela Potter


You may be most familiar with nettle when you rub up against it and get that irritating rash on your skin. Guess what? Nettle is actually one of the most nutrient dense herbs you can add to your wellness plan. Thankfully, once it’s dried or cooked, the pesky thorns are softened and don’t affect you any longer. Only the medicinal benefits are left! How does it benefit me? Nettle is one of the best tonifying herbs. It is densely rich with nutrients and almost anyone can benefit from it. As our soils become depleted, the nutrients in our food decrease. Nettle can help replace those lost nutrients. It also helps balance hormones and has been found to be beneficial for men with BPH. How to use it? You can use nettle like any other medicinal herb in a tincture, supplement or tea. My favorite way to use it is through this infusion. Add this to your daily wellness plan and see how it helps boost your energy, keeps your skin shiny, nails strong and your mood stable. Nettle Infusion ½ cup dried nettle leaves 1 quart of water Bring the water to a boil. Place the nettle leaves in to a pan or a large ball jar (large enough to hold the quart of water). Pour the boiling water over the nettle leaves and cover. Let steep for an hour, or up to eight hours. Leaving it to steep overnight can be helpful so it’s ready to drink the next day. Strain and drink throughout the day. You can add other herbs to this infusion for more medicinal benefits or for taste. Try adding raspberry leaf if you want more hormonal balancing effects, or peppermint for more digestive support.