5 Mineral Rich Herbs For Mid-life

October 29, 2019

5 Mineral Rich Herbs For Mid-life

by Jenn Gallucci

Most of us at mid-life are becoming more intimate with our body’s needs. We begin getting clues from noticeable changes to our sleep, menstrual cycle, hair and skin, mood, and energy. This stage of life is full as many of us care for kids in the home and aging parents as well as our career and community work. Now is the perfect time to get to know 5 mineral rich herbal allies that will strengthen your bones, hair and nails, nourish your nervous system, balance your hormones, increase your libido and overall energy, elevate your mood, and even help you sleep better.

Oatstraw is loaded with calcium and magnesium. It’s great for skin, hair, and nails. Oatstraw is phytosterol rich which helps keep your endocrine system nourished and your hormones balanced. Oatstraw is also softening—soothing on all levels (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally). Another benefit of regularly taking Oatstraw is an increase in libido.

Nettle is one of the most nourishing tonics in the plant kingdom. Nettles have an abundant supply of chlorophyll, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamins A, C, and K. Regular use of nettles will nourish your nervous system, calm and steady your nerves, and strengthen your bones, boost energy levels, ease depression and mood swings, and support your adrenals.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?! I always took nettles as a Spring tonic. I will be adding nettles to my wellness routine more regularly now.

Red Raspberry is another nourishing tonic—especially for the reproductive system. It’s loaded with calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and Vitamin B,C and E. The leaves contain high amounts of frangine, an alkaline which is highly nourishing and strengthening to the entire pelvic region, especially the uterus, ovaries, and prostate.

Red Clover is another superhero/oine herb! Red clover blossoms are loaded with calcium, magnesium, protein, vitamin B complex, and vitamins C and E. Red clover is high in antioxidants, especially tocopherol, a form of vitamin E. Phytosterol rich red clover blossoms have been used for centuries to balance the hormones and promote the production of estrogen. Red clover will help reduce hot flashes and night sweats for menopausal women and men. This herb also has mild sedative properties to help you relax when stressed and is an excellent remedy against coughs, colds and bronchial congestion. Red clover can help regulate the menstrual cycle but use caution if you’re prone to heavy bleeding or taking blood thinning medication because it contains salicylates and coumarins which thin the blood.

Horsetail is an excellent ally for mid-life and is especially great for post-menopausal women, according to Susun Weed of The Wise Woman Way. Horsetail is readily abundant but only spring picked, young horsetail should be used for teas and infusions. Here are some of the benefits of mineral rich Horsetail—reverse osteoporosis, stimulate fracture mending and bone repair, stabilize and reverse chronic periodontal disease, relieve cystitis, reduce bloat, check menstrual hemorrhage, prevent clogged arteries and strengthen veins, ease hot flashes, increase energy and reduce fatigue (w/potassium, magnesium and iron), and nourish strong hair and nails.

You can find all of these herbs in bulk at the Willowtree Market counter. You can take them on their own as an infusion or tea. They also work well in combination with each other. Two of my favorites are; the green mineral drink by Plant Tonic that can be found in the refrigerated section and Wonder Woman bulk herbal tea. You can come in for a hot to-go cup of tea or purchase the bulk herb to take home. You’ll find the 5 super herbs above combined in both options.

Support yourself at mid-life and beyond with nature’s medicine. Live well.

*Information gathered from Traversing the Wild Terrain of Menopause: Herbal Allies for Midlife Women and Men by Gail Faith Edwards and New Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way by Susun S. Weed.

Jenn Gallucci is a life coach, tarot teacher, moon guide, maker, and soulful workshop leader on Bainbridge Island. She’s also part of the Willowtree Market team. You can find her online at www.jenngallucci.com and on Instagram @jenn.gallucci. You can contact her at jenn@jenngallucci.com.