Cultivating Your Life Force Energy by Susan James, BCC, LICSW

November 03, 2016

susan-james-headshot-originalI am passionate about assisting you to create Life Force!
Life Force is often referred to as energy, chi, qi, spunk, prana, sparkle, vitality, breath, courage, and even heart. It is beyond just your body’s physical energy; it is also your zest and enthusiasm for passionate, juicy living!
When we are in the midst of transition, healing, seasons, or challenges, our Life Force can wane. Here are some practical tips to cultivate and care for your precious Life Force, so you can truly enjoy every precious moment of life:
1. Tapping your thymus gland: Chinese medicine believes that the thymus gland is the seat of one’s Life Force because it is at the heart energy center. Gently tap the center of the chest on the breast bone with your fingertips to activate more Life Force. While tapping on the thymus, repeat the statement “I have Love, I have Faith, I Trust, I have Gratitude, I have Courage” while taking deep breaths. You can modify this statement to one that resonates with you.
2. Water: Life Force can become stagnant due to lack of “flow” in our physical bodies. Drinking more water helps digestion, cellular health, increasing metabolism, and clearer thinking. This lubricates, moves, and creates more Life Force and fluidity in the mind, body, and spirit.
3. Passions: What are you passionate about? If you can’t name a few, consider finding a coach or therapist to help you rediscover your passions (e.g. being in nature, poetry, a hobby, music, serving others, dancing). Many people have passions, but do not take time for them. Make a commitment to carve out time to pursue them . If everyone in the world was following their passions, think of all the positive Life Force we could generate!
4. Shedding what no longer serves you: As a snake naturally sheds its skin when it is no longer needed, so we can shed patterns that inhibit our growth or healing. This could be changing to more positive lifestyle habits, or using energy work to reprogram your subconscious to help rather than hurt you. Detoxification of your physical body and changing your thoughts can also open up space for more Life Force.
5. Thoughts: Our thoughts are energy;they affect how we feel, and even how others around us feel. Thoughts significantly affect our immune systems, and either help us follow our dreams or keep us from reaching them. Keeping a gratitude journal or having a gratitude exchange practice with a friend helps with thought management. Writing positive statements or affirmations on notecards or putting reminders in your phone are great ways to incorporate this change in your daily life. Make a commitment to practice new, positive ways of thinking about yourself and others to bring in more Life Force!
6. Mind/Body Practices: Incorporating a daily practice that cultivates your Life Force is key! Consider one or more of these: meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, forest bathing, meridian-based tapping, 30 minutes of daily exercise, mindfulness, singing/playing music, walks, or surrounding yourself with people and activities that energize you!
As we move through this colorful fall season, may you be inspired to cultivate your colorful Life Force, too! Your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health are worth it, and everyone around you benefits, as well!
Susan James is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She offers a variety of energy work modalities including Holistic EFT, ThetaHealing®, LifeForce Energy Healing™, Emotion Code™, and Virtual Gastric Band. She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). Learn more at: