Isn’t it Time to Add Hypericum Perforatum to Your First Aid Kit?

December 30, 2020

Isn’t it Time to Add Hypericum Perforatum to Your First Aid Kit?

Have you ever slammed your finger in a door? Fallen on your tailbone? Cut your finger slicing vegetables? Gotten an infection from a cut? Maybe you spent a week with a throbbing finger wishing there was more you could do. Look no further!  Homeopathic Hypericum to the rescue!

“An excellent remedy for injury to parts rich in sentient nerves, especially fingers, toes, matrix of nails. Laceration when intolerable, violent shooting, lancinating pain shows nerves are severely involved. Very painful sore parts...very sensitive to touch. Wounds are more tender than appearance would indicate.”-Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Medicines, Dr. S.R. Phatak

Case example:  My brother is a locksmith. He also happens to be one of my friends on Facebook. Regularly he posts pictures of the various cuts he suffers due to his job. After seeing enough of these, I gifted him a homoeopathic first aid kit for his birthday. Let’s see how the most recent incident played out: 

Picture #1, The cut

Me:  Ok, get out your kit. It’s time to take Hypericum 30c. 

Him:  This one was pretty bad. I poured sanitizer on it and screamed out loud. How much of the vial should I take? 

Me: 3 pills today and 3 pills tomorrow. No food or drink 15 minutes before and after. Stay away from camphor, coffee and tea tree oil until you are better. 

Him:  Glad I asked because I was going to use the whole vial. 

Me:  No! Only 3 pills is enough!

Him:  This cut probably hurts more than any other cut I’ve had in years. It doesn’t look that bad, but the cut goes deep under the skin. 

Me: Before you take the dose, make sure the cut is thoroughly cleaned. 

Picture #2, Cleaned cut

(He decided to take the Hypericum the next morning).

Him:  I took the dosage this morning and my finger feels pretty damn good right now. (4 hours later).

Me:  I like that you only took one dose and you are already feeling “pretty damn good”.

Him:  Is this remedy strictly for pain? 

Me:  No. It accelerates the healing process, addresses nerve pain and prevents infection. 

Him:  Right on!

(The next day I checked in one more time)

Picture #3, Healing up

Me:  Typically how long would it take for a cut this painful to heal on its own without treatment? 

Him:  Typically it would take 3 to 4 days for the pain to go down and it already started feeling better yesterday. It doesn’t hurt at all when I bend the joint and it’s rubbing on the bandage. 

Me:  Cool. Just remember in the future to always clean the wound thoroughly before taking the homeopathy because the wound will close quickly and we don’t want it to close over dirt. 

Common questions

Where can I buy Hypericum perforatum in my community?

Willowtree Naturally. 

When can I choose a homeopathic remedy for myself?

A first aid circumstance may be an appropriate time to choose a homeopathic remedy for yourself. Of course, if it is a life threatening situation, you should call 911. 

Chronic conditions or acute flare ups of chronic conditions should always be addressed by a professional homeopath only. 

In a first aid situation, how much of the remedy do I take and for how long?

If it is the right remedy for the right circumstance, you should begin to see good results after the first or second dose. You may take a 30c potency for first aid situations 1-2 times a day for no longer than 3 days. If you feel better before then, stop taking the remedy. If you feel worse, stop taking the remedy and seek professional help. 

How can I find out more about Homeopathy?

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about Homeopathy. It is important to read reliable sources. 

The National Center for Homeopathy:

Council for Homeopathic Certification:

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