Living Astrology with Tyler Penor

January 03, 2017

Since the beginning of human life on Earth, we have lived in awe and wonder at the natural world that surrounds us and sought to understand it’s mystery. We observed the patterns and cycles of nature, the seasons, plants and animals while living in a constant relationship with the elements of fire, earth, air and water. As time moved on, we began to gain insights and wisdom about our connection to this Earth and how to live and thrive in our environment. Our ancient ancestors learned that the movement and cycle of the Sun gave life to the plants as it’s light grew and warmed the Earth and then took that life away as its light retreated and the days grew colder. Through their observations, we now have the understanding of the seasonal cycle which allows us to grow our food and organize our yearly activities. That wisdom is the birthplace of what we now know as astrology. So what is astrology? Astrology is a complete system of symbols and a language that describes the interconnectedness of all things. It is a science that was brought to life through our observation of the natural world, handed down from generation to generation. There are many forms of astrology and not one is right or wrong, for they are all observing the same life. In fact, each one has its own gift and unique viewpoint. The important thing to grasp is the essence which lies at the heart of all systems of astrology: the fundamental pattern of creation. To understand the essential pattern of astrology is to take a seemingly random and chaotic world and transform it into a cosmos of harmony. This is the soul focus of Living Astrology. In my studies of astrology I have learned that to truly understand the concepts in depth, you first must grasp the big picture. I have developed cosmological stories to teach the basic principals and understanding needed to see the deeper meaning of astrology and where the meaning is derived from. In my teachings I have three main stories: one of the signs, houses and planets. Here is the framework for the basic cosmological story of the planets and their connection to the layers of human consciousness. As you read through this framework imagine that we are building a human being, layer by layer (like an onion). We begin at the center with the Sun. Internal planets
  • Sun - Represents the center of our being, the life force and the seat of our consciousness. It is our heart of hearts, the source of our vitality and where we are meant to shine!
  • Mercury - Represents our mental body, the realm of thought and the mind. Mercury is the first planet to receive the light of the Sun and then distribute that light out to the rest of the solar system.
  • Venus - Represents our body of senses. Venus gives us our sense of values and governs attractions. She is our internal receptive feminine realm that we all have, man or woman.
Boundary from internal planets to external planets
  • Earth - Represents where everything takes place: our physical human body. Contained within our physical human body is our senses (Venus), our mind (Mercury) and our heart and life force (Sun).
  • Moon - Represents our emotional body. The moon reflects the light of the Sun and gives it to the Earth, so the moon shows us how we feel about ourselves and respond emotionally to others. The earthly “human soul” of instincts and needs. The Moon passes information through feelings from the internal planets to the external planets.
External visible planets
  • Mars - Represents our masculine body of action and movement. Mars is the first planet that represents the doorway to the external world. Shows where and how one takes action in life. Mars awakens as it completes its first journey through ones birth chart at 26 months (just after the age of 2).
  • Jupiter - Represents our body of growth, our story, beliefs and lessons. All of our actions of Mars are aimed at a certain goal, and Jupiter shows us these goals. Known as the “guru” planet who inspires growth with optimism. Jupiter awakens as it completes its first journey through one’s birth chart around the age of 12 (puberty).
  • Saturn - Represents our boundaries including our fears, limitations and lessons. Saturn is the container of the visible realm we call reality. Saturn is the last planet we can see with the naked eye. Known as the “teacher” planet. Saturn awakens as it completes its first journey through ones birth chart around the age of 29 (adulthood).
Unseen planets of the invisible realm
  • Uranus - The first planet in our journey into the invisible realm. Uranus represents our own unique individual viewpoint of reality. It is what some would call the “watcher” or “observer.” The seat of our awareness, this is the viewpoint we seek to find in meditation and where epiphanies occur. Uranus has a cycle of 84 years and takes about one human lifetime to develop.
  • Neptune - We have now, on our journey, reached a place that is beyond time and beyond our earthly awareness. Neptune represents a space where our awareness is turned to the infinite realm of dreams, visions and our imagination. Neptune is the source of all human creations, as everything begins in the imagination as a dream or vision. The Neptune cycle is 164 years and moves beyond a single human lifetime.
  • Pluto - We now have reached the planet at the edge of our solar system. Pluto represents the power of life and death itself, the explosive nuclear power of transformation. It is the point where our spirit connects with the soul of humanity. The Pluto cycle is 246 years and governs the collective human soul and civilizations.
This is just a small example of the Living Astrology stories. All of these planets exist inside of each one of us and are shown in our birth chart. We all have our own individual energetic makeup and the proper use of our horoscope (birth chart) can give us many insights into ourselves. “Astrology is not about seeing the future… it is meant to tune into the present moment in order to understand and heal the past and to create our future. If we are all like musical instruments, then astrology is like a tuner, helping us to tune our instrument (ourselves) to better play our song of life!” Tyler Penor has been studying astrology for over fifteen years. He shares this unique perspective with his students in the Astrology Apprenticeship Program. He has been in practice for over six years, and is available for consultations. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please email or visit for more information.