Love Thy Self Tea by Jenn Gallucci

January 24, 2017

Two things came together to create this love-ly tea recipe. 1. My desire to turn up the self-love this winter and, 2. Playing with the gorgeous selection of organic bulk herbs in the store. The rose petals, hibiscus, and orange peel spoke to me for their fragrance, taste, and color. To this pretty mix I added Holy Basil leaf and Damiana leaf for their stress-relieving, good mood enhancing effects. Did you know...? Damiana is one of the best herbs for women's health. It has a calming, euphoric effect, and is a gentle and effective aphrodisiac. Damiana can also increase the lucidity of dreams. Holy Basil leaf is an adaptogen that aids the body's ability to handle the stresses of daily life. Both Holy Basil and Rose leaf are also wonderful herbs for the skin. Give yourself a healthy dose of self-love. You deserve it!! Recipe for a small pot (2 1/2 cups): 1 1/2 tsp. rose petals 1 tsp. orange peel and holy basil leaf 3/4 tsp. hibiscus and damiana leaf Place herbs in a tea strainer or muslin tea bag and steep in almost boiling water for 2-5 minutes. Give yourself the time to enjoy your whole cup of tea, undisturbed if possible. Or share with a loved one. I plan to package some up to send to friends this Valentine's Day, giving them the gift of a daily self-love tea ritual. Jenn Gallucci is a certified Creativity Coach, Mama Bliss Coach, yoga teacher and team member at Willowtree. She helps her clients develop self-care practices, re-discover what lights them up, find time for activities that nourish them, and take action towards their goals so they can show up fully for themselves and their families. Contact Jenn at or visit her website for more information: