Raise your Vibration and Have More Energy Through Clearing and Decluttering-by Heather

March 05, 2022

Raise your Vibration and Have More Energy Through Clearing and Decluttering-by Heather

Spring is upon us, and it's my favorite time for launching into decluttering and lifting the energy in a space. I do it year-round, but there is something about the sun, warmth and new growth that just takes it to a new level for me. It seems that not a day goes by at either WILLOWTREE Market or Hidden Gem, that someone doesn’t comment on how great the spaces make them feel, and I want to share a few of my tips and tricks.

Many of you may know that I have decades of experience doing home clearings, and I know how it make a huge impact on how someone feels and functions in a space. I remember when I was in my 20’s and was cleaning houses as work, often the homeowners would come home and exclaim how the energy had shifted and that they felt like angels had been in their home. Many of my techniques were self -taught at a young age. Unknowing to me at the time, I was tapping into the energetics of a space, a home and the objects that are in it, and I had a natural ability to read their energy. Later, I came to develop more techniques through professional Feng Shui and space clearing trainings and have created my own unique combination of practical methods and energy work to quickly shift things around.


Here are some quick tips and tricks to get you started to more energy!

  1. First things first- say out loud or write in a journal how you want to feel in your space. For instance, “I want to feel at ease and stress-free in my home (or office)”. Take some time to really feel what this would be like in your imagination and in your body.
  2. Start small. The first step is always the hardest but gets the momentum going for bigger things to happen. Like literally clean out 1 drawer. By doing this, it will also inspire others around you to do the same… and before you know it, everyone will be organizing!
  3. Name a space that is cluttered and annoys you. For me, it’s often the closet under the stairs at WILLOWTREE because things get shoved in there often and it starts to clog the energy. If I can just tackle that first, but starting small, then before I know it it’s cleared out and allows me to change my focus and frees up the energy for something else.
  4. Less is truly more. It’s amazing how much energy and time getting rid of things that don't serve you or bring you joy frees up. So, keep this in mind as you are trying to decide what to keep, donate, or toss. I think all of us want more time and energy and this is a sure-fire way to manifest more of that.
  5. The path to your home and front entry is a key to so many possibilities. Keep these areas clean, swept, and free of debris and spiders. I promise you, if you keep this area clean, it can start to change so many things in a very positive way. By sweeping regularly, you will be clearing out stagnant old energies that do not belong there. At WILLOWTREE, we regularly sweep all the way to the street to keep the energy free flowing.
  6. Clean often and under things! I know it’s not the most fun thing to do if it’s thought of as just a chore. But shifting your mindset around this can make all the difference in seeing the importance. Once you really begin to notice how much things start to change for the positive, you will never go back.
  7. Get a bell. We ring bells at the stores often with the purpose of raising the vibration of the spaces. Such a simple practice that is very calming to the practitioner as well. Personally, when I do this, I walk around and either out loud or silently tell the space and the objects that they are appreciated and loved and I love seeing the effects for the rest of the day.
  8. Your home is an energetic being too. All things are energy. It has needs too so don’t forget to express your gratitude for it!


There’s so much more to this subject that I will share throughout the year including object placement so stay tuned.  In the meantime, if you want to read more about it, we have some great books at both stores right now on Feng Shui and Space Clearing.  We also carry many space clearing tools like bells and smoke wands and can tell you more how to use those in your practices of clearing space. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!


Heather is offering In-home consultations to help get you started with a plan. She can also help with Feng Shui and bringing in crystals to help energize specific areas. Please reach out to her directly at heather@willowtreebainbridge.com for more information about the packages available.