SPINAL HEALTH by Dr. Morgan Rilling, D.C.

August 08, 2016

SPINAL HEALTH  by Dr. Morgan Rilling, D.C.
ISLAND HEALTH AND CHIROPRACTIC Written By: Dr. Morgan Rilling, D.C. How do Spinal Misalignments and Restrictions affect the Human Body? Misalignments and restrictions of one or multiple spinal bones can compromise the integrity of the nervous system, causing the human body to be less functional. Spinal fixations can cause the involved nerve to fire too much or not enough. This negatively impacts the tissue that is supplied by that branch of neurology. If misalignments and restrictions go untreated and do not resolve, various symptoms of illness develop. What Causes Spinal Misalignments and Restrictions? There are three basic causes of spinal misalignments and restrictions: physical causes, emotional causes, and chemical causes. Traumatic accidents, repetitive use, improper lifting, and slip and falls are examples of physical causes. Stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, and fear are examples of emotional causes. Poor air quality, poor dietary choices, alcohol, drugs, smoking, many lotions and cosmetics are examples of chemical causes. The human body has the capacity to adapt and tolerate a certain amount of physical, emotional, and chemical stressors, however once that threshold is exceeded spinal misalignments and restrictions occur. How Would I know if I have a Spinal Misalignment or Restriction? The great majority of people live in environments of constant stimulation and large amounts of chronic stress, at a level far above what the body is able to tolerate, making spinal misalignments and restrictions more common. The early stages may be completely asymptomatic, however if they are not corrected over prolonged periods, various symptoms may appear. Common symptoms of chronic misalignments and restrictions include: pain findings, reduced ability to move, various changes in bodily functions, fatigue, mental fog, and general malaise. Regular chiropractic visits can identify and correct spinal misalignments and restrictions before symptomatology appears. How are Spinal Misalignments and Restrictions Corrected? Chiropractic care is the most safe and effective treatment for misalignments and restrictions of the spine. Chiropractic doctors are trained to deliver a course of specific adjustments to correct the alignment and motion of the spinal bones, and restore the integrity of the nervous system. The nervous system controls the function of every cell in the human body. Understanding the ISLAND HEALTH AND CHIROPRACTIC DR. LUCIA VRACIN, DC DR. MORGAN RILLING, DC 9431 COPPERTOP LOOP, SUITE 204 BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA 98110 (206) 842-6655 Holistic, patient-centered care is the guiding philosophy of Island Health and Chiropractic. We treat patients of all ages and conditions to help them eliminate pain, become stronger, healthier, and more functional in every aspect of their lives. At Island Health and Chiropractic we don’t just treat a symptom in isolation, we partner with our patients to address every aspect of their lifestyle to achieve comprehensive, lasting wellness through therapeutic treatment and patient education. Dr. Lucia Vracin has been treating patients for over twenty four years and was honored to be voted Best Chiropractor on Bainbridge in 2015. Dr. Vracin has been part of the Bainbridge community for twenty years and is an active member of the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Morgan Rilling attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, the fountainhead and leader in chiropractic education, where she graduated magna cum laude. In addition to working in the Palmer Community Clinic, Dr. Rilling served as an intern at Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, GA and the Sports Rehabilitation Department at Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. function of the nervous system and understanding the intimate relationship between the health of the human spine and the health of the nervous system, is crucial in understanding expression of holistic wellness and prevention of illness. What Ages Should be Checked for Spinal Misalignments and Restrictions? The human spine can accumulate misalignments and restrictions at any age, if the threshold of physical, chemical, and/or emotional stresses are exceeded. When considering how traumatic the birthing process can be on an infant, it is not hard to imagine that a baby should be checked for spinal misalignments and restrictions just as much as an elderly adult whose body may humbly share insight to their life’s work. Young or old, the design of the human body is the same. Chiropractic checkups have been shown to correct spinal misalignments and restrictions, improving the functioning of the nervous system and in turn improving the function of the cell types that are supplied by that specific branch of neurology. References: 1. 3. Basic Principles of Chiropractic Neuroscience. Chapter 6: General Causes and Potential Effects of the Subluxation Complex. R.C. Schafer, D.C., PhD. http://www.chiro.org/ACAPress/General_Causes_and_Potential_Effects.html 2. International Chiropractors Association. What are Vertebral Subluxations? http://www.chiropractic.org/subluxations. 3. International Chiropractors Association. Frequently Asked Questions. http://ica.membershipsoftware.org/patients 4. Logan University. Harvard Medicine School Publishes Article Supporting Chiropractic Care. 23 February 2015. https://www.logan.edu/blog/post/2015/02/23/harvard-medical-school-publishes-article-supporting-chiropractic-care 5. Palmer College of Chiropractic. 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