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Structures of Positivity by Robin Cordova

February 28, 2017

I chose to use the word “structures” in my title because in challenging times of change, life may feel more like chaos than peace, more like falling away and breaking down than building up and by adding some positive structure to our daily routine we can uplift ourselves. This can help to lead a pathway out of the chaos and toward building the life you want or the world you want to live in, supported by a thriving foundation on which to stand. When the old breaks down we don’t have to hold onto it and go down with it. We can take a moment and step back and ask ourselves “How can I use this situation as an opportunity to fall forward instead?” If I let what is not working and not serving me fall away and instead focus on introducing a nurturing daily practice of positivity, it is possible to build a foundation on the structures of something more sustainable. So what do I mean by a daily structure of positivity? It doesn’t have to be a long time each day, but you want it to be something you can commit to every day, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes at first. Then each week, add something else to it while you build it out brick by brick. The only requirements are that you do your best to stick to the practice daily and that what you choose be heart centered. This means your practice makes you feel things like happy, joyful, expansive, creative, and light or calm, centered, grounded and balanced. If you were describing your practice to someone close to you, you would find yourself saying things like “It fills me up.” or “It recharges and rejuvenates me.” or “It calms and centers me.” It can be really fun to spend some time just thinking about what you would put into your practice. Take some time reflecting on how you want to feel from it. Here are some examples to help get your ideas flowing: Meditating Breath work Using your creativity Writing Playing music Dancing Running Yoga Cooking for fun Reading poetry Singing Gratitude practice Mindfulness practice Setting intentions Using your imagination Laughing Observe how you feel before and after your practice and take notice so you can make adjustments. Ask yourself “Do I feel positive emotions from this practice?”. You may even want to set alarms on your phone to help you remember to do it. To pause in your day for even 10 minutes of meditation can do wonders. Even the busiest of people can stop for 10 minutes a day for a positivity practice! What will be in your practice? Big Hugs, Robin Cordova