Your Faves!

September 06, 2023

Your Faves!

WILLOWTREE has so much to offer, it can be overwhelming.

You may know what your favorites are, but what are the collective faves? And how could they potentially benefit you? Are they soon to become additions to your list of WILLOWTREE must-haves?

Read on to find out!


OSEA Undaria Algae Body Oil

OSEA Undaria Body Butter

OSEA Anti-Aging Body Balm


If you’ve never tried OSEA products, this is your sign to get on over to WILLOWTREE and experience them for yourself. 

Their products truly offer the full package: something for every skin type. (even sensitive), packaging that makes your bathroom beautiful, scents that’ll make you swoon, and their stuff straight up works!

We have testers of every product from them we offer, so you can get a full feel for their goodness before purchasing. 

Be warned, once you go there, you won’t want to go back to much else! And you’ll eventually have to take a stand on whether you’re a body oil, butter, or balm kinda person.

You love FLORA GOODS soaps, and so do we! Aren’t we lucky to have natural, plant-based products that smell amazing, are lovely to your skin, and are made right here on the Island by exceptional humans?


CBD for Sleep Raspberry Gummies from Charolette’s Web

Hands down, these our most popular sleep supplement. 

Apparently the remedy for insomnia for most folks in the Bainbridge area is 20mg hemp extract + 3mg melatonin packaged up in a couple of  tasty, chewy, pink morsels. These are definitely worth a try next time you need some support for your Zs.


Thorne Vitamin D 5,000 & Quantum Health’s Therazinc Elderberry Lozenges

Ok, y’all are onto something here! Vitamin D, zinc, and elderberry all together covers most of your bases when it comes to the basic nutrients to boost the immune system. 

Elderberry in particular is especially good at defending the body against viruses and is a natural source of vitamin C.

Vitamin D is essential for the immune system to work properly, and living here in the only sunny in the summer PNW, most of us benefit greatly from supplementing it appropriately. 


Magnesium Glycinate from Pure Encapsulations & Thorne’s Basic B-Complex

Need an energy boost? B vitamins are a safe and effective way to do it, and Thorne’s quality just can’t be beat. 

And magnesium, many of you know that most people, even those with impeccable eating habits, don’t get enough of it. Without enough magnesium on board, it can leave you feeling anxious!

Magnesium glycinate is very well-absorbed by the body (the best of all the forms of magnesium), can help boost your magnesium levels, and help you calm the heck down so you can function during the day and unwind with ease in the evenings. 


CDB + Magnesium Soothing & Relieving Cream from Trace Minerals

This menthol-like cream does just what it says it does, it soothes and relieves pain in joints and muscles. It’s potently anti-inflammatory, and it seems to work wonders for lots of different people with lots of different kinds of pain. 

Whether it’s muscle soreness from a workout, an acute injury, or chronic pain, this product is an absolute must-try to ease the ouch.


Shy Wolf Candles

Sage Wands

& Here Now Neck Pillows

You do so much to care for your physical body, we love to see that our customers are also in tune with their energetic bodies too.

Sage smoke is so cleansing for the soul and the spaces around you. And intentionally integrating it into your decor isn’t too hard on the eyes either, only adding to the aesthetic good vibes of your home.

Those hand-poured, soy wax, cotton wick candles from Shy Wolf are sure to help you tend your inner fire. With such wonderful & unique scents, they make for fantastic ways to express your love in the form of a gift too.

If you don’t own a Here Now neck, eye, or corn pillow yet, we highly recommend you treat yourself to one. They’re made right here on the Island with organic flaxseed filling, organic textiles, and so much heart. There’s always new prints rolling in; stop by soon to find the one you love!

We couldn’t have customer favorites without all of you and your great taste. Thank you so much for your support of our shop. We can’t wait to see what you fall in love with next! 

Be well friends, and we’ll see you in the store soon.

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